What Clients Are Saying

Ever since the new staff turnover with the receptionist & bookkeeper, this company has never
worked harder to accommodate my property's needs.

I feel Classic works hard to maintain good communication

To go above and beyond this management company certainly keeps the owner/renters informed of what is going

Our property at Hunters Ridge Condominiums is well maintained by Classic Property Mgmt and the carports are
kept neat.

They offer a personal touch and respond promptly to any requests I have

I am a Board Member and this company is so attentive to our needs and make everything so easy! I'm so grateful
for them!

Excellent communication with homeowners regarding most everything!

Accountant was very helpful, thorough and friendly when I called in to arrange for automatic payments. She seems to
know what she is doing

Workers here are friendly and very competent. My phone calls get returned promptly and the office people are
extremely responsive.

I have lived at my property for many years and never had such satisfaction from our management as I do Classic
Property Management. They politely sprinkle sand/icemelt in front of my door every snow storm after only
mentioning it one time. Good Job Classic!

The unit I reside in is my first experience in an HOA and so far I am satisfied with your work. It's definitely better
than the previous company so keep up the good work

The lady who answers the phones, Emily I think her name is.. She vas extremely helpful and knew all the answers
to my questions right off the bat. She has a very calming tone and you don't encounter much of that anymore.

I have had frequent reasons to need management company over the years and I am happy to say this is the
best management company I can remember. I have been here 26 years.

Classic was helpful to me in getting my air conditioner installed and in complying with homeowner guidelines.
I think they are doing an excellent job

great staff!

I love and appreciate their attention to details to hands on management. I feel very cared for by this
management company.

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